голубь мира благая весть 
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Утерянные страницы Евангелия, или Евангелие от Дионисия

Denis Sokolov a graduate of St.Petersburg Polytechnic University. He extensively studied Christian history. While studying the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Tradition, he practiced his own method. Presenting his daughter with the Bible, he wrote, “Read as if you were an investigator examining testimonies, carry out your own investigation". Denis Sokolov has long lived in Asia and is well familiar with oriental religions. He writes poetry but has never published his verse.This fact may explain why his book “The Lost Pages of the Gospel" resembles verse in prose. As a person, Denis Sokolov is a very positive man, though he considers life on Earth to be an unsuccessful experiment.

P.S . Denis Sokolov is the only copyright holder of his book.
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The Lost Pages of The Gospel


Евангелие от дионисия